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We’re proud to offer ten bowling lanes powered by a state-of-the-art system complemented by the luxury offered with our lane-specific couches. And there are tables in between the couches to allow for the use of anything from food and beverages to personal items that can be placed on the built-in shelves. And our lighting can go from day to night with just a switch. We have black lights lining the area, creating a fun, glowing effect.

— $12 Per Person (Shoes included)

Laser Tag

Hiding behind pillars, running up ramps and attacking from above keep the game of laser tag interesting in our two-story 6,000 square foot arena. We’re proudly the 5th largest laser tag arena in the nation. We’re the only place in Middle Georgia to offer such capacity, so there’s little to consider when deciding what to do with your time off. And our vests allow for maximum stealth with see-through interfaces and personal direction to when you’ve made a hit or when you need to be out of sight.
The game is monitored by one of our specialists and coordinated by our state-of-art laser tag programs. You can choose to play teams, with a base or a free for all game. After the start, your adrenaline-fueled run through the arena is counted down from 5 minutes. At the end of each game, a list of the top shooters will be shown at your respective team’s base screen, where you compare which team or individual won.

— $12.00 Per Session Per Person

— 6,000 square feet, one of the largest in the Nation

— Two-story base area

— 10-minute sessions with two 5 minute games

— Black lights set the tone for each team

— Reservations are available

Group of Laser Tag players at Rigby's Entertainment Complex


Explore our 19-hole wild west mini-golf course. With a variety of levels of play, we challenge all ages! And if you blow the stack you can win a free game at the 19th hole. Our course is vast and offers countless entertaining obstacles. Bring your family, friends or even host an event at Rigby’s Entertainment Complex mini-golf course.

— $12 Per Person


Checkered flags, drifting cars, inclined turns and cheers from the The Patio at Rigby’s will have you amid Warner Robins, Georgia’s most exciting raceway. Whether you’re a novice racer or a newcomer to the scene, our carts are capable of being handled by the youngest to the oldest of racers. Rubber blockers line the track and smooth pavement helps you to maneuver away from the edge and make it to the finish line in first place. 

— $15.00 Per Single Racer Kart
— $18 Per Double Seater Kart
— 22 Karts to choose from
— 6+ years and 48″ tall to ride solo
— 54″ height requirement to go full speed
— Double Seater Go Karts can be used for children ages 3-6 year olds driven by member of their party that is 18 or older


Our skating rink is versatile enough to accommodate everything from individual skaters to full-scale seated events. We take pride in having one of the most modern skate floors in the Middle Georgia region. Every Saturday at 8 p.m., DJ D-Whip takes over the decks, but keep an eye out for special guest DJs as well!

Seats are conveniently placed right on the skate floor, providing a perfect spot to take a break or simply enjoy the ambiance from the stools that encircle the rink.

Food and drink are permitted at the counter and tables accompanying the floor, so you can keep an eye on all those involved in your party while enjoying your selection from our full menu or bar.

Our seamless cement floor allows for the ultimate skate experience here in Warner Robins, GA. Our roller rink is sleek and smooth and is undisputed in the realms of modern design and functionality. We offer skate-mate rentals in assistance to those who aren’t as balanced on wheels. The ultimate adult experience starts after 10:00 p.m. for 18 and older on Friday and Saturday nights. No matter the time, day, or age, we’re ready for you to come skating and have some fun!

— $15.00 with Rental

— $12.00 with Own Skates 

— $5.00 Skate Mate Rentals


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Rigby’s houses three premium billiards, or pool tables, in an area reserved for 21 and older guests. This space is great for adults to relax, shoot some pool, and enjoy Rigby’s! Billiards is $18/hour and is a prorated event. This means that you only pay for the time you are at a table. We do require a valid ID and Credit Card to check out the equipment. Once the equipment is returned, your time is stopped, items are returned, and payment is rendered.

— $18/hour – prorated event
You only pay for the time you are at a table

Get Your Game On At Rigby's Arcade

Get your game on at Rigby’s arcade! We’ve upgraded from the days of joysticks and simplistic screens, to flashing lights and hi-definition games! But the classics are still present on the floor as well as some adaptations from TV game shows. The days of keeping up with tokens and tickets are over, as your points are collected electronically on a card. One scan, and you’ve got your prizes in your hands!

Top 10 Games

Ticket Monster
The Big One
Connect Four Hoops
Jurassic Park
The Walking Dead
Big Bass Wheel
Typhoon Roller Coaster
Deadstorm Pirates
Wizard of Oz
DC Comics Collection

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