Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've provided a list of frequently asked questions below. Call us anytime at 478-287-6701 for more information!

— How can I book a Birthday Party Package?

Packages can be booked up to 72 hours in advance through our online booking system, via phone call, or in-person at Rigby’s Entertainment Complex

— Where are you located?

We are located at 2001 Karl Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088.

— What is the event booking phone number?

The direct line to the sales and booking office is (478) 287-6701.

— What is the link to book online?

The links for each package type are provided on the

— Do you require a deposit to book?

Yes. All events require at least at $100 deposit to confirm their desire date and times.

— What activities are included?

Each package includes 1-4 activities based on your selection. The activities are skating, bowling, laser tag, mini golf, and go karts. Skating is the ONLY unlimited attraction for event bookings.

— Are Go Karts, Laser Tag, or Bowling unlimited?

No. Each activity for events are one per person for their activity selection.

— Can I bring outside food or beverages?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed in Rigby’s Entertainment Complex. This includes but is not limited to ice cream, meals, chips, candy apples, soda, and any item that can be consumed.

— Can I bring Ice Cream?

We do not allow ice cream to be brought in. If you would like ice cream we have an option to add on an Ice Cream Sundae Bar for your event booking. This can be done online at the time of booking or via phone prior to your start date and time.

— Can I bring cake?

YES! All you to do is set the date and bring a cake when you book with Rigby’s!

— Do you provide decorations?

YES! We provide decorations with all birthday party packages booked through our events office. Our decorations are in Rigby’s colors which are blue, green, and orange.

— Can I bring my own decorations?

YES! You are welcome to combine decorations with those that we provide or bring your own. You can bring your decor prior to your start time and your assigned Party Hero can assist in your set up. We ask that no holes are put in our walls for decor for banners, signs, etc.

— Can a decorator come before my start time to decorate?

We allot 45 minutes prior to your start time for our own set up. If you have extra decor and anticipate needing additional time for set up, we advise that you add an hour of room time to your event.

— Can I bring in candy bags?

We do not allow outside food and beverage and have party favors available for purchase. If you bring in candy bags you may subjected to a $50 candy bag fee.

— Can I bring in Candy Apples?

We do not allow outside food and beverage other than cake to be brought in for bookings.

— Can I walk-in instead of booking with the events office?

Yes. We allow walk-in groups. The only outside food you may bring is a cake. Table decor is permitted, however reservations are not made for events that to do reserve with our events office. To reserve a package, please call 72 hours prior to your start time or booking ahead of time online.

— Can I reserve tables if I do not book a party?

We do not reserve tables that do not book a birthday party package with us.

— How do I book for Rigby’s Water World?

Rigby’s Water World packages are available during the Summer Season and are separate from Rigby’s Entertainment Complex. Please visit to book.

— What If I no-show?

No show events forfeit their deposit and option to reschedule.

— What If I need to cancel?

Deposits are refundable if the event is canceled by 72 hours prior to your start date and time. If the event is canceled within 72 hours we will reschedule your event. If you cancel more than twice your will lose your deposit and your event will be canceled.

— Can I add more food and drinks than what come with the package?

YES! We can add items in advance or the day of as needed.

— Do I have to pay for parents or family members if they are not participating in the package?

No. Additional guests are welcome. If they are not participating in the package there is no additional charge for party attendees. Please let us know your estimated headcount so that we can assign you to a large enough party space.

— What if I have less than 10 people participating in my package?

All of our packages start at a headcount of 10 people. The starting rate for all packages includes amenities, activities, and food for 10 people. If you do not have 10 people, the minimum amount for the package will still be applied.

— Is Armband Monday offered on Holiday Mondays?

Armband Monday Special is not offered on Holiday Mondays. Holiday Mondays include but are not limited to: Martin Luther King Day (January), President's Day (February), Memorial Day (May), Labor Day (September), Columbus Day (October), Christmas Day 2023. Other Holidays that may affect this special are Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, School Fall Break, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our Facebook page is the best place to check for updates on specials!